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I don't really have any big plans for this site yet, I do have a general vision but nothing concrete. It'll change as I go along I suppose, as I myself seem to change. I figure I'll just take it as it comes the same way I do life. Don't make plans and never count on anything, because it will always end in disappointment. And that my friends is my motto. Embrace it. Anyway go ahead and take a look around. Just keep in mind that this is my world and you don't have to live here...be very thankful.

So while driving around one day I happened across this sign and of course I had to stop and take a picture since it perfectly highlights the rampant idiocy of the people around here. Didn’t anyone proofread it before putting it up on the fence?!


I am SO glad that they pointed out that there is NO FISHING and NO SWIMMING in this particular dirt lot. I mean someone could get in serious trouble if they tried, no?

And here we go again. The braindead thoughtless assholes in my neighborhood are shooting off their fireworks not 30 feet from the back of my house. What do I have to do to get it through their stupid fucking heads that fireworks in residential areas is ILLEGAL?! We live in a drought state with a very high risk of fires and these idiots are setting off fireworks in their (and practically my) backyard.

So I’m on watch until they’ve completely drunk themselves into a stupor and I can make sure they haven’t set my house on fire.

I found this post on a messageboard I frequently read called Why I Hate People. It’s an awesome site where you can vent about the objects of your anger and the things they do.

Anyway, when I read this post I had to think and make sure that I didn’t actually write it because it lays out one of my pet peeves exactly. The drivers where I live are absolutely horrible. And this is just ONE of the stupid braindead type things they do. Read and you’ll get it.

It seems many people, if not most, will move into an empty lane (usually to the left) when approaching a red light behind another car(s). This makes sense if you want to go (or at least accelerate) fast and and is fine and dandy if you don’t cut someone off in the process. Hell, even I do prefer to be first because I’m the type that likes to step on it and drive a bit fast. My issue is with those that WILL cut you off in the process when you’re approaching and force you to quickly apply even more pressure on the brakes than you should have had to. Either they will already be stopped or close to stopped behind one or more cars and suddenly pull in to your lane (always without signaling), or you both will be approaching the light with them slightly in front of you and they will cut you off (with or without signaling) just as they approach stopped cars in their lane. All to be first in line. I’m not sure if they didn’t bother to look in their rear view before doing this or saw you approaching and went ahead anyway. I get over it if the person at least takes off fast. The part that irks me is that most of the time they accelerate and/or drive slowly or at least much slower than I would have gone. I understand that most low-end cars and trucks can’t accelerate as fast as I like, but it’s obvious willful granny acceleration and they usually continue driving slowly. What really gets me is when they pace the cars in the next lane, making it impossible to get around them. I also love watching people approach me from behind while I’m stopped or just as I stop and then switch into the empty lane next to me, only to end up well behind me after we go. It’s especially funny when they have a turn coming up in the lane they were previously occupying and they switch lanes to be in front only to end up behind me again. This is not the same scenario where they are actually trying to out-accelerate me to get in front of me to make their turn and have to fall back in behind me. I’m talking those that take off like grannies. All they did was make a pointless lane change just to be first and will have to switch lanes again when they could have simply stayed in their lane in the first place.

What is the point of making an effort to be first when you’re just going to cruise anyway? It wouldn’t have made a difference if you stayed behind the other cars. Do some people just have to be first in everything? Could these be the same people that speed up to block others from passing because they just HAVE to be in front? I have taken to approaching red lights as fast as possible (short of having to slam on my brakes) when I have an empty lane and see two or more cars in an adjacent lane or a car approaching stopped cars in an adjacent lane. If they see me quickly approaching, they’re less likely to cut me off. I’ve had a few people try it and stop in their tracks once they see me.

All “ranting” aside (since I’m not really that upset about it), does anyone know why it’s SO important for people to be first at the line when they’re not even going to go any faster than anyone else? It’s very difficult to understand.

I hope it’s okay to repost it here as there is a link to the site at the top and the credit for the post goes to a user called kimbosquee.

Motherly Love

May 11, 2014

Mama’s gonna make all of your nightmares come true,
Mama’s gonna put all of her fears into you…
Of course Mama’s gonna help build the wall.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we fucking go again!

December 29, 2013

So the stupid motherfucking pieces of shit the PC crowd refers to as people that live behind me are setting up for their little fucking shindig tonight. They could have had a nice party all day but no…they have to wait until a fucking SUNDAY NIGHT to ramp up the live fucking band. What they need to realize is that there are some of us in this godforsaken pit of a town that do actually work. Yeah I know, unbelievable right? We need to be able to get sleep so we can go to work and earn the money that funds their parasitic lifestyles. FUCKING LEACHES!!!!!

Why is it ALWAYS during the week? How can we force these brain dead assholes to accept that they are NOT the center of the universe? The world does not revolve around their nasty motherfucking asses.

Seriously, have your fucking parties but do it during the day or on a Friday or Saturday night. But if they did that they wouldn’t be able to be putting themselves above everyone else. This is what THEY want to do and that is all that is important.

And while I’m in rant mode, let’s talk fireworks. Fireworks are legal to buy in this state but it is illegal to “use fireworks at your house, on the street in front of your house, or at a park. “It is 100 percent illegal to use them within the city limits.” But use them they do…anytime of the day and night, any day of the year. It really makes no difference to the empty headed moronic fucks around here. The biggest problem with all this is that we live in a drought state where everything is as dry as a bone. And when you have drunk and drugged out idiots lighting them off with no concern for safety you get a huge fire risk.


Quote Of The Day

“We are terrified, we are naked,
we are wall eyed,
I will see you on the other side.
If you dare, I will be there,
We have all of us, all have died.”


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