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I don't really have any big plans for this site yet, I do have a general vision but nothing concrete. It'll change as I go along I suppose, as I myself seem to change. I figure I'll just take it as it comes the same way I do life. Don't make plans and never count on anything, because it will always end in disappointment. And that my friends is my motto. Embrace it. Anyway go ahead and take a look around. Just keep in mind that this is my world and you don't have to live here...be very thankful.

Here we fucking go again!

December 29, 2013

So the stupid motherfucking pieces of shit the PC crowd refers to as people that live behind me are setting up for their little fucking shindig tonight. They could have had a nice party all day but no…they have to wait until a fucking SUNDAY NIGHT to ramp up the live fucking band. What they need to realize is that there are some of us in this godforsaken pit of a town that do actually work. Yeah I know, unbelievable right? We need to be able to get sleep so we can go to work and earn the money that funds their parasitic lifestyles. FUCKING LEACHES!!!!!

Why is it ALWAYS during the week? How can we force these brain dead assholes to accept that they are NOT the center of the universe? The world does not revolve around their nasty motherfucking asses.

Seriously, have your fucking parties but do it during the day or on a Friday or Saturday night. But if they did that they wouldn’t be able to be putting themselves above everyone else. This is what THEY want to do and that is all that is important.

And while I’m in rant mode, let’s talk fireworks. Fireworks are legal to buy in this state but it is illegal to “use fireworks at your house, on the street in front of your house, or at a park. “It is 100 percent illegal to use them within the city limits.” But use them they do…anytime of the day and night, any day of the year. It really makes no difference to the empty headed moronic fucks around here. The biggest problem with all this is that we live in a drought state where everything is as dry as a bone. And when you have drunk and drugged out idiots lighting them off with no concern for safety you get a huge fire risk.



November 17, 2013

The tears come freely now. Unbidden and frequent. And along with the tears, a renewed sense of weakness and helplessness and humiliation. Everywhere she feels their disdain and disgust. Everywhere she looks she sees blackness. The light was extinguished many years ago, if it had ever really existed in the first place. At the best of times her life is gray. Pain has at least been a good friend. It is always there with her, for her.

Miracle in the Desert

November 16, 2013

One day last year at work I went out to sit in my car during lunch and witnessed this. It was snowing and it was beautiful because I was able to forget where I was for a few moments. I wish I had recorded longer but I just wanted to enjoy it.

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“Life is a comedy to those who think,
And a tragedy to those who feel”


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